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The ABC’s of Manhood

A comprehensive, bold, yet refreshing, and relevant workshop designed by Denell B. Howard the Ministering Evangelist of the Hovey Street church of Christ. This dynamic workshop was developed out of a personal desire to minister to the needs of males age 13 and above. Acknowledging the overwhelming deterioration of males in America and abroad, this program is profound as it deals with this disaster in a very simple, easy-to-understand concept ABC​.

​In Phase I of the program the workshop confirms the known fact that a growing number of “Males Are Messed Up!” During this phase, we use current data to show that nationally and locally “Males” struggle with the lack of Education, Alcohol and Drugs abuse (legal and illegal), incarceration, single-parent homes, poverty, sexual abuse, etc. Upon recognizing our current state the workshop progresses toward Phase II using the power of Holy Scripture (1 Cor. 13:11) and the practicality of Erickson’s Psychosocial development theory to establish that “Males must Become Men.” With the final phase at hand and the understanding of Phase I & II ​Unveiled, we conclude with Phase III “Men Connect to their Master.” In this phase, we validate that the path to manhood is accomplished when we connect to the one who created us to be the MEN HE designed us to be.

In conclusion, the workshop renews us and challenges us to prepare for and arrive at manhood through internalization, transformation, and actualization!

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